Joe Giudice Will Be Turned Over To Ice After Release

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Joe Giudice, husband to Real Housewife Of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, won’t be soaking up the Jersey air anytime soon as he is to be transported by ICE upon release. According to several sources, Joe may not be getting deported to Italy, just yet. We’re told that once he is released on Thursday from the Low Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, he is to be held by ICE, while he is appealing the deportation.

It is not yet revealed as to where they will take him, but with his family and business on the line, he may not be going too far.

As you may know Joe Giudice remained incarcerated for 41 months, starting on March 23, 2016
for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud at FCI Allenwood in Pennsylvania.

However, since the news of his deportation hit, his wife and children aren’t really on his side. If you remember, Teresa mentioned that her and their children would not be going to Italy with him and she also wasn’t sure if their marriage would last either.

She even stopped wearing her wedding ring and has been parading around with a new beau, Blake Schreck.

Poor Joe! 😟


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