Sophie Brussaux Clout-Chasing Drake??!

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It seems like rap star Drake’s baby-mama, Sophie Brussaux, may be in search of some clout (power,money, fame or influence) from Drake’s fans after she was spotted out at dinner with a lookalike of the rapper.

📸 Sophie Instagram
The 29 year-old was seemingly called out by some of the artiste’s fans after she posted a video of her at dinner with a fake Drake. The video shows a table at a fancy restaurant overflowing with smoke and then a glimpse of a light skinned, bearded man who looked like Drake.
At first it was overlooked, since Drake and Sophie do have a child together, and are currently on good terms with each other. However, when you add this dinner to her having an all access pass to see the rapper in Paris, you can’t help but wonder if she might actually be clout-chasing.
Sources have since revealed that it was not Drake at dinner and if she was in fact trying to get a better social reading, it may have worked in her favor.
I wonder what Drake thinks about all this. 🤔


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