North West’s Performance Steals The ShowΒ 

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There have been many tributes over the past week to rapper Nipsey Hussle, who recently passed away in a fatal shooting. However, no one expected this to happen.

Over the weekend, rapper Kanye West put on his weekly Sunday Service, that he has held over the past month, to give honor to the fallen rapper as well as give us a glimpse of his daughter’s talent. During the performance, Kanye’s daughter, North West, performed her version of the song, “As” from the great Stevie Wonder himself.

πŸ“Έ Kim Kardashian Instagram

This definitely blew everyone away, as no one expected North to be there performing, much less belting out hits. The toddler also came dressed to impress in a silky orange ensemble which had a kimono-like style to it. Tres chic!

Another interesting aspect of West’s service was him honoring rapper Nipsey Hussle. During the performance, Ye played an audio clip of Nipsey’s voice giving words of encouragement saying, “You all stay focused, work hard, believe in yourselves.”

The death of the 33 year-old rapper has no doubt brought the music industry closer together and surprisingly, also the gang communities in Los Angeles. The ‘gangs’ in Los Angeles have surprisingly banded together in the largest peace rally in a long time, earlier this week to honor the rapper.

πŸ“Έ Bigu1 Instagram

We are told that they are upholding some sort of truce for now, in light of the tragedy that occurred exactly a week ago.Nipsey’s memorial will be held at the Staples Center in L.A. on Thursday, where fans, friends and family will say goodbye to him. πŸ™


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