President Obama Sends Tribute To Nipsey Hussle 🙏

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Rapper, Nipsey Hussle was laid to rest yesterday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where several members of his family and love ones gave emotional speeches at his memorial service.

There were several memorable moments at his service. One of which was his girlfriend, Lauren London who brought his children onstage to say goodbye to their dad. She then returned onstage to say her own goodbye to the “love of her life”.
“To Ermias, the love of my life. You know what it is. Grief is the final act of love. My heart hears you, I feel you everywhere. I’m so grateful that I had you. I love you beyond this Earth. Until we meet again, the Marathon continues,” She later shared a picture of a tattoo of his face on her arm in

his memory.

📸 Lauren Instagram

Another memorable farewell speech came from his mother, Angelique Smith, who to everyone’s surprise kept her emotions intact until the end of the speech. Smith told everyone how much her son meant to her and had an emotional ending saying

“We have to be the light of change that we want in the world. I’m very proud of my son. My son, Ermias Joseph Asghedom, was a great man.”

Angelique was later spotted, while doing the farewell drive around South Carolina, blasting Nipsey music and enjoying every second of it.
Snoop Doog, however gave the audience a mixed reaction of laughter and tears, as he too shared his favorite memories of Hussle. One thing he told the crowd was,

“We ended up connecting, we ended up making music together, we created a bond.We created something that was special.”

Still no one saw the tribute from POTUS, Barack Obama, coming as he too honored the recently slain rapper. He posted a letter with his signature saying that though he never met Nipsey, he was introduced to his music by his daughter and admired the work he did for his community. He stated,

“While most folks look at the Crenshaw neighborhood where he grew up and only see gangs, bullets and despair, Nipsey saw potential. He saw hope. He saw a community that even through its flaws that taught him to always keep going.”

📸 President Obama Instagram

There is no doubt that the loss of the rapper hit the music industry extremely hard. Sadly, despite their efforts more harm came to the community during the final procession, where an unknown vehicle drove by shooting 4 people and killing one.

At least the family can finally put the rapper to rest.
Rest In Paradise Nipsey Hussle!🙏