Notre Dame Cathedral On Fire!!!🔥

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Several scatter, as the monumental Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France catches fire!

The news broke earlier after the 850 year old European structure was seen with clouds of black smoke and flames above it. Firefighters on the scene revealed that the fire originated from the attic of the structure and covered the roof in a matter of minutes.

Images of the fire have spread across social media, bringing to light the situation in Paris, France. Authorities have also acknowledged that it may have started due to repairs and renovations being made at the weakest part of the Cathedral. If you don’t know, the Catholic Church had appealed for funds to repair the Notre Dame which was starting to wear down after eight centuries.

The Notre Dame was originally built between the 4th and 7th century by King Louis VII of France to show that Paris was the political, economic, and cultural capital of France. Since then the Cathedral has had several additions and renovations from 1160 to the early 14th century. It has also hosted several events, weddings and coronations during it’s time.


With close to 400 hundred firefighters on the scene, the Notre Dame Cathedral continues to burn. Sources have just revealed that the fire has ripped through the scaffolding surrounding the Cathedral and, the spire, that is over 90ft high, has collapsed. So far, firefighters haven’t be able to reach the top because of their ladders being shorter than the Cathedral and many are worried whether the most visited tourist attraction in Paris will be able to withstand the flames.