Tiger Woods Is Back!

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Tiger Woods is back! It’s like he never left. Woods won his fifteenth major title of his career, after he was victorious in 2019 Masters in Augusta, Georgia this past weekend. Several celebrities like Micheal Phelps and the Jonas brothers, came out to witness his victory.

The 2019 Masters was held at the National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. There, Tiger Woods won his fifth Green Jacket by only one stroke ahead of three runners-up. This was Tiger’s first big win in over a decade, since winning the U.S. Open trophy in 2008 and after facing major injury challenges.
He was joined by his mom, Kultida Woods, his two kids and his girlfriend, Erica Herma, after his victory, where the golfer walked away with a whopping $2,070,000 for this year’s Masters.

Tiger has proven to be one of the greatest of all time when it comes to his professional golf career, as he is one of the top two to walk away from tournament with as many championships titles in the PGA tour, as well,as the Major Championships.

If you recall, Woods’ fame took a dive two years ago, when he was arrested for driving, or rather sleeping, under the influence of persciption drugs and alcohol in a traffic lane. He, however beat the charges against him, being put on a sober probation instead of being put in the slammer.
Regardless it seems as though Woods did not lose his mojo as he is back on top of his game and his fans are right there beside him.
Congratulations Tiger Woods!!🎊🎉