Body Count Rises After Sri Lankan Bombing 😓

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It has been a sad weekend for the country of Sri Lanka, as over 200 people are killed and over 450 people have been injured after multiple explosions hit several establishments on Easter Sunday.

While many were out celebrating the “Resurrection of Jesus Christ” this Sunday, the shocking events took place in the cities of Kochchikadae, Negombo, Batticaloa and more recently, Colombo in the Southern Asian country. The series of bombs went off in several hotels and churches in the area, claiming the lives of many Sri Lankan natives, as well as visiting families from different nations.

According to reports, this terror attack was a series of simultaneous bombings as people gathered in their respective areas for Easter. Sources say many officers were also killed as they were in search of the bombers but encountered an explosion as a self defense mechanism against being arrested.

As of this morning, the death toll has risen up to 290 people, in connection to a fresh new bombing. So far a total of twenty-four people have been arrested in association with the terror attack, according to CNN, however no single terrorist group has yet to claim the attack on the innocent people.

The attack has been addressed by several world leaders and even the Pope who called the terror attack a series of “inhumane acts”. Luckily from those in other parts of Sri Lanka, the authorities were able to remove 87 more detonators from subway lines and airports after the first bombing.

Sri Lanka has since declared a state of emergency after these bombings and their government stated that they intend to compensate every family for their loss. Still, we have been told that the terror attack will leave the economy and tourism aspect of the country crippled out of fear.


We continue to pray for the victims of these attacks as well as the families of these victims, during this time. We will continue to keep you updated as the story develops. 🙏