Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter Leading Totally Separate Lives😯👍

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After he was allegedly given 48 hours to get his belongings from the family home, former executive producer of “The Wendy Show” and soon-to- be ex husband of Wendy Williams, Kevin Hunter, . . . is moving out!

According to Daily Mail and other media sources, Hunter was recently spotted outside his New Jersey home, that he, Wendy, and their son, once shared. However, he was nowhere near entering the house. Quite the contrary as he is seen packing boxes of his belongings in a moving truck today.
The 47 year-old’s eviction notice comes after he was served with divorce papers, publicly labelled as a cheater, fired as Wendy’s manager, and lost his job at The Wend Show. And let’s not forget his beloved golden Ferrari that he gifted to his mistress, got towed.

📸 Daily Mail

As for our girl Wendy, she was spotted in another part of the tristate area, New York City, with her son, 19 year-old Kevin Jr. Still, I wonder how Wendy’s dates went this weekend. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
Remember her business is our business!