Britney Spears…Forced Into Facility?

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by Ricole L.Powell

After being spotted leaving the courthouse barefooted, we are finally given the details of singer Britney Spears’ court hearing. We are told that not only does she want freedom from her father, Jaime Spears’, conservatorship but he allegedly forced her into the mental facility.

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Reports showed that during the court hearing the “Toxic” singer allegedly told the judge that her father committed her to a mental health facility and forced her to take medication against her will. Britney also alleged that her father has been the reason her medications now no longer work, after he supposedly forced her to take them while going through rehab.

If you recall, Britney was recently released from the Beverly Hills mental health facility after committing herself to a 30 day treatment not too long ago. This “voluntary” commitment comes after Britney got wind of her father’s illness.

๐Ÿ“ธ Britney Spears Instagram

Not much longer after that, the singer’s mother, Lynne, attempted to take control of the situation with both her daughter seeming unstable and ex-husband in the hospital. Fans of the artist have been protesting ever since to “Free Britney” and we are told that Britney is now joining them.

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Since the hearing, we are told that the judge has not put an end to Jaime’s eleven year conservatorship and does not intend to end it , but instead required an evaluation of Britney.

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