The Currys- A Split Household?!!

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By Kwin Paul

How is it possible for a family so closely knit and perfectly portrayed in the media, to be experiencing troubled waters?! I guess its true that every family has their issues…no escaping that huh!😵

📷 Seth Curry Instagram

Every parent dreams of their children becoming wildly successful and it is no different for Sonya and Dell Curry, parents of 3 time NBA champion, Stephen Curry and Seth Curry, Portland Trailblazers’ guard. The Currys however, probably have never sat in a family meeting to discuss what happens if the brothers ever had to face off in a Western Conference Finals 😭

📷 Seth Curry Instagram

For the first time in NBA history, according to Elias sports, the brothers will face off in the Western Conference Finals, beginning on Tuesday.

The Curry parents are reportedly split in their decision on which son they will be supporting once the Conference finals begin. Can you imagine how difficult it must be to have to choose which child gets your support?! 😑

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Fans are suggesting methods of dealing with the dilemma on social media since reports have it that the parents will actually flip a coin to settle on their pick. What???

We have a couple suggestions as well:

  1. Custom made tshirts with both teams and sons represented,
  2. Support whichever team is the home team!

Very easy for us to say right? What would you have done?