Khloe Kardashian wants marriage…

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By Kwin Paul

Khloe Kardashian has not had the best of luck with relationships and we all know that she loves love. In a podcast with Laura Wasser, Khloe reveals that she has not given up on marriage, but currently has no interest in dating.

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The podcast entitled, “Marriage Sucks,” drops today with Khloe discussing how heartbroken she was when it was time to dissolve her marriage from NBA champion Lamar Odom, back in 2016. More recently, her breakup with another NBA champion, Tristan Thompson, was also very stressful for her.

As we reported previously, Lamar and Khloe had a beautiful love thing going, getting married after only 2 months but were soon in troubled waters as Lamar battled with addiction. The former drug and sex addict gave Koko no choice but to file for divorce, which she says broke her heart.

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Tristan ‘third trimester’ Thompson did Khloe dirty, publicly cheating and causing her massive embarrassment. The two share a daughter, True, but ended their relationship after an alleged cheating scandal that Tristan had with Jordyn Woods, Kylie’s former bestieπŸ˜’.

Khloe has since been posting cryptic messages to her Instagram stories and has been open about the way the betrayal had her feeling.

Now that the relationship is over, Khloe says she is focusing primarily on True and has no intentions of dating right now, but she has no issues getting hitched again.

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Take time to heal KoKo, but no date means no mate. So…what’s it gonna be?!