Wendy Williams’ Son And Estranged Husband in Brawl…

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By Kwin Paul

Can Kevin Hunter get it together, seriously? There are reports that Kevin Hunter, soon to be ex husband of Wendy Williams, got into a physical altercation with their son Kevin Hunter Jr early on Wednesday morning.

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According to sources, Wendy dropped her son off at their New Jersey home where he needed to collect some stuff. Unknown to Kevin Jr., his father was also at the home at that same timeπŸ™„

Both Kevins seemed to be cool and getting along well, and so, went to a nearby store just after midnight. We are assuming that like father and son, regular conversations were ignited along the way. However, things got heated when Kevin Jr. expressed his displeasure with the recent spousal support that has been requested by his dad.

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In the parking lot, Hunter Sr. allegedly launched at Jr, holding him in a headlock lock while accusing Wendy of brainwashing him. Kevin Jr reportedly broke the hold by punching his dad in the nose.

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There has been confirmation that there is an investigation underway into the incident. Kevin Sr. has since been reported as saying, ” I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally. Things are not always how they seem.” Some media houses are also reporting that Kevi.n Jr has been arrested.

Get it together guys, violence is not the answer! Stay tuned as story develops.