Wendy Williams Responsible For Fight?

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By Kwin Paul

Kevin Hunter Sr, estranged husband of Wendy Williams, is placing the blame on Wendy for the fracas which ensued between him and their son on Wednesday.

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As previously reported, Kevin Sr. And their son Kevin Jr. were engaged in a physical fight in a New Jersey parking lot early Wednesday morning. The two are said to have had a disagreement over the spousal support demands which are coming from Wendy’s soon to be ex husband.

The younger of both Kevins reportedly punched his dad in the nose to break free from a choke hold.

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Kevin Sr. believes Wendy has been working overtime to turn their son against him in light of the impending divorce. It is reported that before the news of the divorce went public, the father and son had an amicable relationship. Kevin however, claims that in recent times, he has been making attempts to spend time with his son which have all proven futile. Sr.’s lengthy text messages are receiving one worded responses.

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If you did not know, the marriage has fallen apart due to Kevin’s alleged love child which he shares with his mistress. We’re not sure about you, but we see this as reason enough for Kevin Jr. to be upset with his dad 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Kevin Jr was arrested after the incident, but his dad claims that he still loves his son and consequently, will not be taking legal action. He still is worried though that the relationship between him and his only legitimate child may be ruined for good.

Do you think the boys can get past this?!