Edward Seaga Dies At 89

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By Ricole L.Powell

Today we wish a Happy Birthday, as well as we say, “Farewell” to former Jamaican Prime Minister, The Honorable Edward Philip George Seaga. Mr Seaga died on his birthday at the age of 89.

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According to reports, the beloved leader passed away at approximately 1pm today, after being hospitalized in Miami, Florida earlier this month. We are told that Seaga had been battling
a chronic disease after falling ill during travel and had to be immediately hospitalized. It was later revealed to be cancer.

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The Honorable Edward Seaga was the fifth Prime Minister, after Jamaica gained Independence. During his time in parliament, “Eddie Seaga” (as he was affectionately called), contributed heavily to a stable financial system in Jamaica, most memorably, the nationalization of financial institutions.

Seaga was also responsible for much of the redevelopment of the country’s rural and urban communities, as well as the economic and agricultural structure for over 25 years. Today, one of the largest highways in Jamaica, is renamed the Edward Seaga Highway.

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Since his death, the current Prime Minister, the Honorable Andrew Holness has addressed the nation on his death, shortly after wishing him a happy birthday on Twitter.

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Rest In Peace Mr. Edward Seaga. We extend our sympathy to your family. You were a pivotal part of the Jamaican culture and history, and you will live on in the hearts of the Jamaican people.