Lamar Odom…Almost Poisoned?

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By Ricole L.Powell

After the release of his memoir, “Darkness To Light”, NBA star Lamar Odom, decided to stop by daytime talk show, “The View” and have a little chat about his book.

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During the panel interview, Odom opened up to the ladies of The View; Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar , Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain. He told them about his drug and sex addiction as mentioned in his book, but no one expected him to say that he was almost poisoned by former Brothel owner, deceased Dennis Hof.

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Odom shared with the women as well as the audience and viewers that,

Dennis Hof, I don’t know what he had against me but I didn’t do drugs that night. I don’t know what he had against me … he tried to kill me.”

As you may know, the deceased Dennis Hof was the owner of the Las Vegas brothel, where Lamar’s overdose took place back in 2015.

Many find this accusation odd, as, during the investigation, authorities found no evidence of foul play leading up to the overdose. Hof had even publicly invited the basketball star back to the “Love Ranch” claiming that he was a big fan.

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Hmm… 🤔

The 39 year-old even spoke about his relationship with ex-wife Khloe Kardashian, (who he described as his Angel, during the interview) after mentioning in his memoir that he “threatened her life” after she called a friend to help him, while high on ecstasy and cocaine. Odom mentioned that while he was in the “Kardashian spotlight” it helped him remain focused. (Until it didn’t 🙁)

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Gladly, Lamar Odom seems to be on the straight and narrow road to recovery and we can’t wait to see him get back with Khloe. Stay sober Lamar. We are cheering for you.