William H. Macy Celebrates Daughters Graduation Amid Scandal

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By Ricole L.Powell

It seems like actor, William H. Macy is completely unfazed that his wife, Felicity Huffman would be going to jail pretty soon, as he is seen ready to celebrate with his daughter, Sofia Grace.

Macy was recently spotted by the paparazzi carrying celebratory balloons and a cake for Sofia Grace’s graduation party. That’s right! Their daughter is set to graduate from the Los Angeles High School of Arts later this week.

📸 E! News

We are told that William along with his wife, Felicity are having a small celebration for this special occasion despite all that is going on in the public eye. If you recall, Felicity Huffman along with over 50 other parents were indicted for their role in the college admission cheating scandals for their children.

📸 Washington Post

We reported a while back that Huffman paid a total of $15,000 in order for her daughter (who they are celebrating) to pass the SAT examination whilst cheating. Felicity later admitted her guilt and will be serving four months in jail because of her open confession.

But that wasn’t the only thing she confessed. She admitted that the main reason she paid so much was because her daughter may have been struggling with a learning disability.

📸 E! News

As for Macy, he was not involved in a the sentencing for the scandal, so I guess if he wants to celebrate his daughter’s graduation, he can do it guilt free.