British Citizens Protests President Trump Again

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By Ricole L.Powell

The President of the United States, Donald Trump is back in the United Kingdom for his official visit with Queen Elizabeth II. Once again, the British citizens do not want him there. Yikes!

📸 Donald Trump Twitter

President Trump was welcomed by the royal family earlier this week, where he spoke about the political and economic relations between the UK and the US. However, similarly to his last visit, thousands of protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square to…well…protest his presence.

📸 The Times

The infamous “Trump Baby Balloon” could be seen in the skies once again to protest against his visit,

Together Against Trump — stop the state visit.”

There was even a new protest creation, a look a like robot on the toilet using his smart phone. 😲

📸 Daily Beast

According to several sources, the aim of the organized protest was to have the world know that people in England reject him and his “toxic” politics. Surprisingly, this protest did not sit well with one British woman named Amy Dalla Mura, who repeatedly stabbed the balloon and shouted,

“It’s a national disgrace. The president of the United States is the best president ever!”

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As for the President, he doesn’t seem the least bit worried about the reoccurring protests, dismissing them in a tweet saying,

Haven’t seen any protesters yet but, the fake news will be working hard to find them.”

📸 Donald Trump Twitter

This has been an “interesting” public reception for any sitting US President. Oh well, I guess if the President Of The United States isn’t bothered by thousands of protesters interrupting his UK visit; why should we?