Gayle King Turns Wendy Williams Down.

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By Kwin Paul

While we all eagerly wait Wendy Williams “tell-all” about how her life has recently unfolded, Gayle King has turned down her offer to do so.

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Wendy Williams, 54 has had a rough 2019 thus far, with her taking a hiatus from her show, living in a sober house, discovering her husband had a love child, filing for divorce and a fight between her son and estranged husband.We have all sympathised with the TV show host, as we saw the way all this drama has impacted her. We also know that Wendy will turn this all around to make some “schmoney” (money) honey.

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According to several network sources, Wendy has approached all the big players in recent weeks, including ABC, NBC and CBS with an offer of an emotional “tell all” interview. It has however, come to our understanding that the sticking point has been Williams’ demands for an hour-long prime time slot, while insiders have said many big name hosts are simply not interested in Wendy’s pitch.

According to a relaible source,

Her people want either a morning show or an hour long prime-time special, they want Wendy to sit down with a big name anchor and Gayle King was at the top of the list. But she turned it down, it’s not clear exactly why but there’s a lot of talk that Gayle thought sitting down with Wendy, dredging over her car crash personal life, might be a little too trashy for morning television.”

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King recently did an interview with R&B singer and alleged child Molester, R. Kelly which gave her show a much needed boost. Many will think that Wendy’s story would also rake up amazing numbers for Gayle. So what’s the real issue? We are not sure, but we hope that Gayle will reconsider and interview with Wendy Williams.