Another Wedding For The Beibers

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By Kwin Paul

Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin have gotten our hopes high twice, as it relates to their formal wedding, only to shoot them down by delaying the dates. This time, sources have revealed that there may be date on the horizon ☺

📷Hailey Baldwin Instagram

The couple got hitched in a private courthouse ceremony last September but has always wanted to have a formal ceremony for family and friends and by extension…us fans. Three Save D Date invitations have since been sent out but have all been postponed.

📷 Justin Bieber Instagram

A source close to the “Biebs” says that plans have recommenced but are on a slower pace.

They’ve talked about possibly having their wedding closer to the anniversary of their marriage, in September,” the source revealed.

While we anxiously await the official ceremony, we do understand that Justin’s mental health is currently the couple’s main interest. Back in February, Justin started treatment for depression. Baldwin has put some of her personal stuff on hold to stand with and support her hubby during this tough period.

📷 Hailey Baldwin Instagram

“Hailey keeps supporting him. They will still have a wedding when they feel they are ready,” People’s source said. “The most important thing for them is that Justin is mentally healthy.”

📷 Justin Bieber Instagram

We love lavish weddings but we also love that this pair is prioritizing mental health. Get well soon Biebs, we’re rooting for you.

We’re so happy that you’re taking your own advice on ‘loving yourself’.

Also, she’s already a Bieber..legally 😉