Nicole Curran Responds To Beyhive!

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By Ricole L.Powell

It looks like Nicole Curran, wife of the owner of the Golden State Warriors, did not take too kindly to the Beyhives’ comments on her social media this morning, as she finally claps back at, well…everyone.

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If you recall, A video of her talking to billionaire rapper, Jay Z, whilst leaning over an uncomfortable wife and superstar, Beyonce, went viral today and the fans were not happy. They immediately took to her social media accounts, slamming her for invading Bey’s personal space, flirting with Jay Z, despite his wife being there and last but definitely now least, labeling her “Becky with the good hair”.

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Well, after making all of her social media accounts private, Nicole responded to all the “hate” she has been receiving. She stated that,

I have been cyber bullied and think it is very unfair. They were our guests last night. As a hostess, I offered her a drink and then him one as we don’t have floor service at our games. I had to lean in to hear what he wanted. That is it. No story. Just bullying.’

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Wow 😱😱😱

Sources also stated that Curran went on to reveal that she has been receiving death threats ever since the game and that all of her accounts have been flooded with awful comments. This is what prompted her to go private. But do you blame her?

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The Beyhive has been known to be one of the fiercest fandoms in music, relentlessly defending their Queen Bey. Still, the singer has yet to respond to all the drama, many suspect that she might either ignore the issue all together or release a song about it.

What do you guys think of this situation?