Selena Gomez Has New Music.

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By Kwin Paul

Good news for all Selanators! Salena Gomez is finally ready to give her fans some new music.

📸 Selena Gomez Instagram

At the Red carpet for the premiere of her newest film, “The Dead Don’t Die,” she was excited to let interviewers who asked about her music know,

“Yes! It’s finally done!”

The songstress has been teasing her fans for some months with various captions under her Instagram posts. In February Selena posted a video of her in the studio with the caption,

“This week, next week and every week.”

This sent fans into a frenzy, as it made everyone know that she was working on new music. Back in May, she also posted a pic of herself with the caption, “Studio Diva.”

📸 Selena Gomez Instagram

Her last album ‘Revival’ was released in 2015, debuted on the Billboard charts at number 1.

The very decorated actress and singer may have been holding out on us musically but she is acting, to ensure we get our ‘Selena fix.’

📸 Selena Gomez Instagram

Between her singing and acting, Selena is busy with charity work. She recently spent some time at Children’s Mercy Hospital drawing pictures and hanging with some patients.

We know that you’re busy with acting and such but can we have an album release date Selena?!