Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Resigns

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By Ricole L.Powell

Recently, Special Counsel Robert Mueller resigned from his position and now we have “another one”, as Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders is jumping ship ahead of the U.S Presidential election?

📸 Sarah Sanders Instagram

Yes, It’s happening! President Trump announced today that his Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders would be leaving the White House at the end of this month. He took to Twitter to say,

After 3 1/2 years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month and going home to the Great State of Arkansas. She is a very special person with extraordinary talents, who has done an incredible job!”

📸 Donald Trump Twitter

He continued, encouraging her to run for Governor in her home state as well as thanking her for doing her job,

I hope she decides to run for Governor of Arkansas – she would be fantastic. Sarah, thank you for a job well done!”

According to several media outlets, Sanders allegedly decided to leave after a “fraught tenure”. There has also been much criticism on social media that the President may have fired her prior to the announcement. However, that would be odd seeing that Sanders has been one of the few “loyal” members of the Trump administration.

📸 Sarah Sanders Instagram

Regardless, Sarah has done a great job in her position in the eyes of several citizens especially seeing that she is the third female to be the Press Secretary of the White House. We are told that President Trump has yet to choose another person for the position.

Who do you guys think it will be?