Mama June & Geno Doak In Big Trouble!

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By Ricole L.Powell

Why are reality stars so carefree, even in the public eye? Well, ask June Shannon a.k.a “Mama June” and her boyfriend, Geno Doak as the two were recently caught outside their home with a crashed car, showing a whole lot more skin than usual.

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A blurry video was taken by the paparazzi earlier today, showing Geno outside their home in Georgia, after allegedly crashing the car into their drive way. But that was not all, because almost immediately after the crash, a barely-dressed Mama June was outside of the house in nothing but purple lingerie.

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In the video, she is seen helping her boo out of the SUV, and to make things worse, Doak was apparently intoxicated. We are told that as soon as he stepped out of the vehicle he began to stumble around the yard and that both his pants and socks started falling off of him, giving the camera an unwanted “butt flash”.

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Eventually, June found what looks like a black blanket to cover her sheer outfit. However when she attempted to pull up Geno’s pants, as his butt was on full display, he was not having it and pushed her hand away.

As many of you may already know, Mama June and Geno Doak have been together for quite some time and have developed what many fans and family members are now calling a “toxic relationship”. This might be so since, the two were caught and arrested for doing drugs at a gas station only a few months ago.

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While we do hope everything goes well with the couple, they definitely seem to draw attention to themselves whenever stuff like this happens. Oh well…Good luck to you both.