President Trump Launches 2020 Reelection Campaign

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By Kwin Paul

After much anticipation from Republicans and Democrats alike, President Donald Trump has finally launched his 2020 reelection campaign.

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The President delivered his relelection speech on Tuesday night in front of a reported crowd of 20000 people. The rally was held in Orlando Florida and while Trump supporters are ready, many have found his campaign and ideas quite repetitive and dismal.

πŸ“Έ President Donald Trump Instagram

The only new thing that POTUS offered really was the criminal justice overhaul bill, which was passed through Congress with support from both parties. He alluded to

β€œcrime policies that so unfairly affected the African American community β€” so unfair.”

His speech included his usual rants about Democrats, the wall, and his opinion that CNN sucks.

Trump was even sure to remind everyone that he still wanted Hillary Clinton locked up, which sent the crowd into loud cheering.

Trump is still uncertain however, if he will be reusing the “Make America Great” slogan or shifting to a new, “Keep America Great.” It came down to him asking the crowd for their opinion.

β€œIs it going to be MAGA, which is possibly the greatest theme in politics? How do you give up the number one theme?”

The crowd’s favourite though, was “Keep America Great.”

One supporter was not very much concerned with the ideas which the president had to offer. Instead, for him,

β€œIt’s just being around everyone else β€” with the same mindset, the same goals,” said Dion Potaracke as he wore a tshirt which read, “Fuck Your Feelings.”

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With the official launch of the President’s reelection campaign now behind us, things are sure to be quite interesting in the upcoming weeks and months. Let’s see what the Democrats are bringing to the table, or rather..who they are bringing to the table.