Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter Standing Together

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By Kwin Paul

Wendy Williams and her estranged husband Kevin Hunter will present a united front today as they show support to their son, Kevin Jr, as he appears in court.

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Kevin Jr will be appearing today over the incident on May 22, between him and his dad. If you recall, ‘the Kevins’ were involved in a physical altercation in a New Jersey parking lot when Kevin Jr punched his dad in the nose.

The altercation reportedly stemmed from the son’s disapproval with his father’s demands for spousal support in the divorce settlement. The divorce was set in motion by Wendy after news broke that her husband of 21 years, allegedly fathered a child with his mistress.

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Kevin Sr. has publicly said that he does not want to press charges against his son but since it’s a domestic incident prosecutors often press on regardless.

Sources have told us that while the divorce is still proceeding, the entire incident has actually reduced tension between the married couple. Do you remember how she broke down in tears while she was out with her new boyfriend and the paparazzi asked her about her relationship with her husband and son?!

“There’s still love between us, regardless of the divorce,” Wendy told a friend.

Both parents will put their pride aside to be there for their son. They are determined to “work through this” and remain friends for the well being of their son.

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