Serena Williams Damages Wimbledon Court!

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By Ricole L.Powell

We all know that tennis superstar, Serena Williams, definitely has a reputation for breaking records, among other things. However, it seems that she may be breaking even bigger things. . . and not in a good way.

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According to several sources, during a practice session on the Wimbledon court in London, England, Williams allegedly inflicted quite some damage to the court with her racket. But that’s not the bad part, she is now being fined $10,000, the largest amount ever fined, for the alleged damages before her next game.

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We are told that, though there are rumors of her using her racket, there has been no clear evidence to prove what she actually did, to be fined ten grand, by the All England Club. If you have watched tennis matches before, you would see that several tennis stars including Serena, often break their rackets during a match.

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Still, whether the 37 year-old broke her racket intentionally or not, fans are still confused as to why she is being fined that amount. Williams has not commented on these allegations or the fine, which leaves us to assume that it is simply no big deal for her, or it isn’t true.

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Regardless, after winning her previous games over the weekend, Serena is set to play in the quarterfinals against, Alison Riske, tomorrow.

Good Luck Ladies!