Wendy Williams Has A New Man!

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By Kwin Paul

The Wendy Williams show is back after a 5 week break, and Wendy had a couple things that she needed to clear up. The 52 year old, by no surprise, made herself today’s Hot Topic!

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As the subject of hot topics, Wendy revealed that she has a new man. To our surprise, the new man is not 27 year6 old, ex convict Marc Tomblin with whom she was pictured during her hiatus.

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“Alright listen, it’s not who you think,” she added, alluding to Tomblin. “Okay, mother doesn’t deal with children. But it just so happens that I guess with my charm and wit, I attract people of all ages.”

According to Wendy, her new man is in his 50s and although she is not revealing his name, she has stated that he has been previously married and has kids who are in their 20s. Wendy also stated that it helps that he’s a doctor!

“You’s all thinking I’m messing around with a 27 year old … I get it, but when it comes time for the comfort of a man, I need somebody in his 50s too… And he’s gotta work. It helps that he’s a doctor,” Williams then added. “I am not gonna say one more word, you’re not gonna blow this for me. But he’s been married, his kids are in their 20s and yes, he’s black.”

Wendy’s mystery man may not yet have her in love but she does admit to being “crazy over” him.

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Also, part of the discussion was about Wendy’s ongoing issue with her estranged husband and son. While she only discussed it briefly, she did mention that her family is fine, despite tabloid reports that the divorce is turning ugly.

During her break, Wendy also travelled to Arizona and Idaho to relax.

“I was just a woman relaxing and gathering my thoughts,” she said of her time in Idaho. “I had my books, my thoughts, but mostly gathering my life for me, my son and my family.”

No need to ask you,

“How you doin?”

We can see that you’re doing fine Wendy hunnie. 💅