Whoopi Goldberg Unhappy At ‘The View’?

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By Kwin Paul

Meghan McCain may not be the only unhappy panelist on ‘The View,” as a new interview with the New York Times Magazine revealed that Whoopi Goldberg is also not singing the show any praises.

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Whoopi, 63, sat with David Marchese and discussed some of her thoughts as they relate to her job. Goldberg basically said that the show is just her daytime job and while she is happy to have the job, she is working on more fulfilling stuff such as books and clothing.

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The actress and comedian has worked on the show since 2007 and has noted that the dialogue has shifted away from everyday, friendly conversations to a more combative narrative. The shift, according to an insider began when Meghan McCain, daughter of the late John McCain, joined the show.

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“Before β€œThe View,” your work was so much about storytelling and creating characters. Does the show address those creative impulses?”


“What creative fulfillment do you get from doing it?”

“It’s my job.”

Being pressed by the interviewer, Whoopi says that the show is not something she watches or thinks about. She credits the show’s success to it’s uniqueness but also admits that it might be due to a weird obsession which people have, with seeing women fighting.

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If you can recall, we recently published that Meghan McCain may not accept the offer to remain on the show for the upcoming season. Meghan reportedly thinks that the constant on-air bickering with her more liberal co-hosts has become draining and it’s no longer worthwhile.

Now that two co-hosts have expressed their displeasure with the direction in which the show has gone, will there be adjustments or mere replacements?!

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We’ll just have to wait until September to see.πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ