Kamala Harris Has Nothing Against Joe Biden

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By Kwin Paul

Its not unusual that rivals go at each others’ throats especially if the prize is Democratic nomination for the Presidential election, but Senator Kamala Harris is insisting that she has nothing against the front runner of the democratic race, Vice President Joe Biden.

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During Friday’s sitting of daytime show, ‘The View,’ Whoopi Goldberg brought up in discussion, what she considers unnecessary attacks on the former VP by Sen. Harris.

“One of the bigger issues in watching these debates for me is I don’t want to see you all cannibalizing each other, and that’s what it felt like,”

Goldberg told Harris.

If you recall, Kamala Harris essentially silenced Biden during the last democratic debate when she confronted him about his association with segregationist senators in the past.

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Harris, however, was sure to make it clear that her comments were merely pointing out differences of opinion rather than attacking the former Vice President.

“I have no intention of attacking Joe Biden but I am going to point out our differences of opinion on a very critical moment in the history of the United States,” Harris said.

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Highlighting her differences with Biden seems to have worked in her favour, as she received a standing ovation from the live audience on ‘The View’ and more significantly, the American voting population. Since the debate, Harris has climbed the ladder of favourites for democratic nomination. Her poll numbers have gone up, taking her into the top 4 candidates.

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If Sen. Harris were in fact able to clinch the democratic nomination, will she have what it takes to beat Trump? Only time will tell.