Felicity Hoffman’s Co-stars Praises Her

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By Kwin Paul

Felicity Hoffman’s sentencing hearing is approaching and we can only imagine how stressful the entire situation has been for her. Some of her costars though, have said that they are proud of how she’s handling it, at least while at work.

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Costars of Huffman’s, Angela Bassett and Patricia Arquette spoke very openly about the college admissions scandal that she is now in the middle of.

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According to the ladies, Felicity has done a good job thus far with coping.

“Well, I left her a message because I do think she’s — I mean, I haven’t spoken to her, but I feel that she’s sincerely truly sorry and feels she made a humongous mistake,” Arquette said. “I think she dealt with it the best way that you can deal with it, but I know she’s probably carrying a lot of shame and guilt and all that stuff.”

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Bassett also offered her opinion saying, “I think she’s handling it like a grown-up person. She’s handling it like a grown woman. It’s a brave thing and a courageous thing.”

If you recall, Felicity and her husband were caught in a conspiracy to bribe their daughters’ way into college by cheating on the SAT.

Huffman along with the other ladies are staring in a new film, Otherhood which is expected to hit select theaters on Netflix Aug. 2.