President Trump Attends Fans’ Wedding

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By Kwin Paul

It’s no secret that President Trump has his fans and he supports those who support him. While it’s not customary that the sitting POTUS attends the wedding of a regular fan, Donald Trump was actually a guest at a fan couple’s wedding over the weekend.

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The wedding was held on Saturday night, at the Trump National Golf Club Badminster, New Jersey, and you guess it, the theme was “Make America Great Again.”

In pictures and videos of the event, Trump can be seen kissing the bride and waving to a cheering crowd. Some guests even wore MAGA hats while posing for pictures with President Trump. There were also flags that said, “Trump 2020” at the reception. 😅

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The couple PJ Mongelli and Nicole Marie, are huge Trump supporters and have been at Trump rallies and parties. Nicole sent Trump invitations to the wedding, to which she attached pictures that she would have taken with the President at his rallies.

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Must be nice having the President of the Unites States at your wedding!