Elizabeth Warren Surges In New Iowa Polls

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By Basia Powell

Elizabeth Warren is now famously known as the candidate who, “has a plan for that.” And it seems like her plan and precise explanation of the implementation, are paying off. Warren is soaring in the latest Iowa poll. This proves she is likeable, believable, and she means business.

 📷 Elizabeth Warren Instagram

Warren has been on message from the word go, with her plan to provide affordable healthcare for hundreds of millions of Americans. What many of her supporters love about her, she not only “has a plan for that”, but she can tell you exactly where she will get the money from to implement her plan.

It is perhaps for this reason, she is polling well in Iowa. She also has a detailed agricultural plan that is guaranteed to get the attention of Iowa farmers. Political pundits will tell you that the democratic race is won in Iowa. Based on her recent Instagram posts,  she definitely has a plan for Iowa, and they believe her!📷 Elizabeth Warren Instagram

Unlike some of the other democratic frontrunners,  Elizabeth is spending less time focusing on Trump, and more time focusing on “her plans” to take Americans in a positive direction.

While Warren is clear that she wants no part of Trump’s rhetoric,  she spends less time engaging him, and more time explaining how she is going to implement her plans. This seems to be paying off in Iowa.