Meghan Markle “Graceless”

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By Basia Powell

These are not our words, or our opinion. Please don’t shoot the messenger. These are the words of Royal Biographer, Lady Colin Campbell. The lady who claims to be a confidante of the late Princess Diana, (we will never know, as Diana is dead) has been very critical of the Duchess Of Sussex, Meghan Markle, who she describes as “Graceless”.

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She has told Closer magazine that Meghan Markle,

“Was never an A-lister, so she needs to stop acting like one.”


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Take it easy Lady Colin, because the first time we heard about you, is when you started lashing out at Meghan. (Have several seats) She has accused the “American Princess of ,

“acting like a celebrity “

Apparently, “the lady” was appalled at Meghan deciding to be a guest editor for British Vogue. She went on to say,

“Royalty do not behave like celebrities do. It’s cheap, vulgar and irresponsible.”

“…She is an actress, she needs to come up with a new act.”

She went on to accuse Meghan of “hustling her way to the top”. Ok then…

Can somebody tell us if Meghan Markle committed a crime or was engaged in a lawless act by writing for a magazine?It seems like whatever the Duchess of Sussex does, it is met with hatred and resentment by many of the British aristocrats. Why? We have a feeling that it is simply because she looks different? Or due to the fact that she is of mixed race? What we call black in America.

The funny thing is, Lady Colin is not British. She is Jamaican!! She was not and is not a member of the royal family, not any form of royalty. Therefore, we are uncertain of what makes her an expert on royal behavior.

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She drove the nail in the coffin when she alluded to the fact that ,”Princess Diana would not have approved of Meghan Markle’s graceless behavior. The same Princess Diana who had a few “brown boyfriends ” (allegedly) who were not royalty? More importantly, a woman who was kind and generous in spirit and exhibited the ultimate human touch like Mother Theresa, even in the presence of HIV victims. Hmmm…