Trump Describes Visit As “Amazing”

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By Basia Powell

In the wake of his recent visit to the grieving cities of El Paso,Texas and Dayton, Ohio, President Trump has described his visit as, “Amazing.” If you know anything about POTUS 45, you would know that he never admits to failure or defeat.

Despite Trump’s impression of his visit, eyewitnesses have told us that this is the furthest thing from the truth. The President promised unity after the recent killings in these two cities. Instead of upholding that promise, he became immediately involved in online battles with several high profile Democrats and members of the media.During a hospital visit to victims of the shooting in Dayton, Ohio, Potus was greeted by protesters holding signs saying,

“Do something,” “Words have consequences” and “You are why!”

The media was also banned from accompanying President Trump on his hospital visits. Our theory is, the White House Press team, anticipated having to control the message, or negative reception, so they did so by posting photos of 45 being warmly received.Just like Dayton, Trump was greeted by angry protesters in El Paso. So much so, police equipped with riot shields, were seen outside the hospital where the President visited the injured in El Paso. The tone in El Paso was a little more angry and the political tension was high. Understandably so, as this city lost 22 people as a result of this racially motivated shooting.

Despite these receipts, the President and his “diehards” are telling people that “he had an amazing day .” In the meantime,  it was recently revealed that the Trump campaign still owes the city of El Paso, approximately $570000, for one of their “anti immigrant” rallies held in February. Unfortunately, El Paso is paying for this, literally!While many are accusing the rhetoric from this president in fuelling hate crime, Potus believes otherwise.  Trump says he intends to unite the country and do something about all types of hate crimes and all types of groups. He also supports background checks for gun control,  as he does not want it in the hands of mentally ill people.