21 Hottest Celebrity Couples Who Are “Rocking & Poppin”

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It is summer time, and we have been covering all the hot topics and celebrity news that we possibly can. One thing we have not covered is the “Hot Celebrity Couples” who are currently rocking and poppin in Entertainment.

These couples caught our attention because they are “better looking” together, or simply because they are powerful, rich and trending.We are unable to feature all these couples at this time. However, take a look at 21 of the Hottest Celebrity Couples who are rocking and POPPIN right now. They are not in the order of “Hotness”, please note, that they are randomly listed.

Hip Hop Royalty

πŸ“· BeyoncΓ© Instagram

JAYZ and BeyoncΓ© / The Carters

These two represent pure power.

Together, they are worth over a billion dollars!

πŸ“· Serena Instagram

The GOAT, tennis champ, Serena Williams and her hubby, Alexis Ohanian, and American internet entrepreneur and investor. πŸ€‘

Political Royalty

πŸ“· President Obama Instagram

President Barack Obama and former First Lady, Michelle Obama, are the ultimate power couple and dream team. Their marriage is #relationship goals.

British Royalty

πŸ“· Instagram

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s world wind romance, took the world by storm and broke every royal tradition. Their marriage was historic and they are the ultimate power couple. Rich, royal and famous.πŸ€‘πŸ‘‘

Latin Royalty

πŸ“· Jlo Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are “rocking and poppin” and no one saw this coming. But since the first day these two Latin lovers stepped out, he has been by her side ever since.

πŸ“· Instagram

Ellen DeGeneres and her stunning wife Portia De Rossi are #goals. This couple have been going been in love for a very long time and together they helped change the game for same sex couples. And yes, they are powerful.

πŸ“· David and Victoria Beckham

After 20 odd years this Alist British couple continues to be iconic and yes, they are still “rocking and poppin” They are fashion icons, who continues to rock the red carpet.

πŸ“· Idris and Sabrina Elba

Idris Elba was People’s Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive last year. However , this year Sabrina Elba’s made him the Happiest Man Alive. This beautiful couple are rich, famous and very good looking!

πŸ“· Dwayne Wade and Gabriel Union

NBA Superstar, Dwayne Wade and his beautiful queen, actress Gabriel Union, are “di business “. DWade and Gabriel are style icons and exudes class, power and #blackexcellence. Gabrielle is now a judge on America’s Got Talent.

πŸ“· Savannah James Instagram

The King, LeBron James and his wife Savannah James have been tight from day one. These high school sweethearts are still going strong. Savannah has remained in the background over the years. Why shouldn’t she be? She is married to the highest paid NBA player, LeBron James.

πŸ“· Ayesha Curry Instagram

NBA superstar, Steph Curry and his beautiful wife Ayesha are NBA royalty. These two high school sweethearts are a power couple. They have both expanded their network to include TV. The Currys are a solid couple.

πŸ“· Ciara Wilson Instagram

Russell Wilson is a multimillion dollar football superstar and his queen, Grammy nominated singer and model,Ciara, are NFL royalty. The stunning duo shine together and individually. They are simply hotness overload. A very striking couple.

πŸ“· Instagram

George and Amal Clooney are intriguing! This A-list actor and his wife, scream power and class. Not only because they are drop dead gorgeous and rich, but their names are attached to brilliant humanitarian causes. After all, Amal got George to settle down!

πŸ“· Justin Beiber Instagram

This young couple stunned the world last year when they eloped. They are young rich, allegedly spiritual and famous. Hailey is a supermodel and Beiber is a superstar!

πŸ“· Eudoxie Bridges Instagram

“The Bridges” are “di business.” Rapper, and Fast& Furious actor, Ludacris and his wife Eudoxie are a fabulous couple. Eudoxie holds her man down.

πŸ“· Priyanka Chopra Instagram

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are “rocking and poppin” Priyanka is an actress and Indian Royalty, why Nick is pop royalty, aka Jonas Brothers . Together, they sizzle.

πŸ“· Eniko Hart Instagram

Superstar comedian, Kevin Hart and his beautiful wife Eniko Hart are a dynamic duo. The Harts are glamorous beautiful and rich. Not to mention Kevin Hart is the “King of Comedy”

πŸ“· Joe Jonas Instagram

Joe Jonas is a member of the Jonas Brothers, aka, JoBros, Sophie Turner is an actress , known for her leading role in Game of Thrones. She married Joe a few weeks ago again in Paris and these two are sizzling right now! Young, rich and in love.

πŸ“· Kelly Ripa Instagram

Kelly Ripa and her hubby Mark Consuelos, are all types of goals. Couple goals, physical goals, marriage goals, you name it! They are getting better with age and what makes them hot, is the fact that they are so in love.

πŸ“· Kevin Jonas Instagram

Another Jonas Bro, Kevin Jonas and his wife Daniel Jonas, makes our list. Kevin was the first Jo Bro to tie the knot 10 years ago, and we can see why, she is gorgeous! They have always been an “it couple” and now that Kevin and the band are back together, we look forward to seeing more of this beautiful couple.

πŸ“· Kenya Moore Instagram

Real Housewives Of Atlanta housewife, Kenya Moore and her hubby, Marc Daley are beautiful! They are such a good looking family. Kenya waited a long time to find her sould mate and all we can say is, “God has been good to you honey, because he is fine and rich” And so is Kenya.