Biden Makes Racial Blunder Again

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By Basia Powell

Vice President Biden is under attack once again. This time for a racial blunder he made while stomping at the Iowa State Fair. The democratic front runner was addressing Iowa residents at an Asian and Latino Coalition event, when he commented,

“Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Upon realizing his errors, he quickly added, ” wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids.”

During the course of his recent campaign to be the Democratic nominee for president, Biden has had to be accountable for his past record on busing and other civil rights issues. He has gotten a pass from many black and brown voters. However, his recent “freudian slip”, may be cause for concern.

In recent years, the black and brown communities have been major supporters of the former VP. His recent record on race relations has been a positive one, as he served as Vice President for the first black president of the United States. One cannot deny that they had the greatest “love affair” that a president and vice president could share. Is that enough though?

However, given his recent record on race relations, does he get a pass for inappropriate comments on race, and his record on the rights of women? I must admit however, when compared to Donald Trump’s record on both issues, Biden still has a more favorable record. Nevertheless, the Trump campaign can argue about Trump’s recent record pardoning many blacks wrongly incarcerated with unfair sentences.

This blunder by Biden at the Iowa State Fair, was quickly picked up by the Trump campaign. Donald Trump Jr retweeted the video. Many Republicans took the opportunity to point out a pattern with Vice President Biden.

Despite his own comments, Biden continued to remind Iowans of Trump’s record on Charlottesville, and attacked the president on his role in instigating racial tensions in the country. He said,

“Words of a president matter. It matters what they say. They can move markets.”

Well Mr Vice President, your words matter too.

It was noted by many that Biden refused to called Trump, “a white supremacist”. He is hesitant to join his fellow democratic colleagues in calling 45 a “white supremacist”. Biden did go as far as to say that Trump, “encourages white supremacy”