Wendy Williams Kisses Meek Mill At Party

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By Kwin Paul

New female rapper, Megan The Stallion has been promoting a ‘hot girl summer,’ and it seems that Wendy Williams is having just that, as she awkwardly kisses rapper Meek Mill at a party.

📸 Wendy Williams Instagram

Rick Ross hosted a release party on Thursday night, at the Villain nightclub in New York for his album, “Port of Miami 2,” where Meek and Wendy were guests.

📸 Wendy Williams Instagram

The 55 year old talkshow host was seen mingling with guests and laughing with Ross and Meek throughout the night. At one point, she pulled Meek in and kissed his cheek, in what seemed to Meek, as an awkward moment.

📸 Wendy Williams Instagram

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If you tune in to the Wendy Williams show regularly, you’ll know that the host is never shy when Mill is one of her hot topics.

While he served jail time, Wendy oftentimes called for the rapper to be freed. When his gun charges were dismissed recently, Wendy celebrated on her show.

The very single Wendy has claimed that she will not be single for much longer, after wishing her estranged husband the best with his new family.

It seems like Wendy is ‘shooting her shot’ at Meek. Don’t believe me, take a look…

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