Priyanka Chopra Called A Hypocrite

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By Basia Powell

It all went down this weekend at Beautycon in LA, when a Pakistani woman accused Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, aka, Mrs Nick Jonas of being a “Hypocrite.” Yes, she said it! She accused Priyanka of taking sides in the war between India and Pakistan, when she should be a peace mediator.

Priyanka, who projects herself as a peace maker, particularly in her role as UNICEF Ambassador, should not appear to side with India in the current “war” taking place between the two long time rivals.

From all appearances, the Pakistani woman “came for Priyanka” . Her intention to embarrass the India actress was pretty obvious. During the question and answer segment, she took the opportunity to question Priyanka on her sincerity regarding peace between India and Pakistan. She went as far as to refer to a tweet Priyanka sent out in February of this year, that said,

” Long live India.”

This awkward moment resulted in security taking the mic from the woman.

Despite this attack on the mic, Priyanka did not back down. She asked the woman ,”if she was done venting?” She also scolded her for “making a scene and embarrassing herself.”

Despite this unfortunate incident, the Indian actress has not stepped down as UNICEF ambassador, though some are calling for her resignation. Priyanka is well loved by her Indian fans, and as such, she is unlikely to say anything negative about her beloved country India, which is at war with Pakistan.

Do you think Priyanka should step down as UNICEF Ambassador, given the nature of the political relations and social unrest between Pakistan and India?