Scaramucci Says No More To Trump

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By Basia Powell

You may remember former White House Press Secretary,  Anthony Scaramucci, who lasted 11 days in his job at the White House. We all got the impression that Scaramucci could put a spin on anything Trump did. Even after he was relieved of his duties , as Press Secretary,  he still upheld his defensive rhetoric on the President’s actions. Now Scaramucci is saying “No” to Trump’s racist rhetoric.In an interview with MSNBC and CNN today, Scaramucci made it quite clear that he is not afraid of speaking out against President Trump.  He says he is not afraid of the President bullying him as he does with many others who go against his opinions.

Scaramucci admits to other Republicans being very concerned about the state of affairs in the country, but they are afraid to be bullied by Trump on Twitter.  However, he says he is not afraid, but he is very concerned for the country. He has accused the President of decisive rhetoric and,”Giving people license to hate.”Currently, he is in a Twitter war with the President. He is also asking the GOP to elect another nominee for the US 2020 presidential elections.

Scaramucci warned the American people on Twitter, that eventually President Trump will turn his back on the entire country. The former White House Press Secretary was extremely loyal to the President in the past. Many are wondering; why the sudden change of mind? Why is he suddenly shifting his alliance with POTUS? He says,Trump’s response to Scaramucci on the other hand was as expected,