Wendy Williams Admits To Knowing About Kevin’s ‘Other Life’

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By Kwin Paul

In an interview with Andy Cohen on SiriusXm’s channel, RadioAndy, Wendy Williams surprised many of us by admitting that she knew about her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter’s other life for years.

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“I’d come in, my eyes would be puffy from crying,” she recalled of going into work at The Wendy Williams Show when things were really bad in her marriage.

Many of you may want to know why she stayed throughout the years. Well, according to Wendy, although she had her own pictures of Kevin and his alleged mistress, she felt it would be unfair to her son Kevin Jr. to “flee the scene and move zip codes.”

“I knew that I would [have to address it] but I had to get my ducks in a row. I knew a lot of things for years. I knew a lot of things for years, but my son [Kevin Hunter Jr.] was at home. It wasn’t fair to him.”

Is Wendy using “ducks in a row” metaphoricallly? By ducks does she mean money? We are wondering since she never had Kevin sign a prenup.

Since filing for divorce, Wendy has seemed much happier although she broke down during a couple interviews when asked about her marriage. Wendy has also admitted on her show that this season of her show has been “hell” amid the divorce.

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As we have been reporting, Wendy has been hanging out with many huge Hollywood names and was most recently pictured kissing Meek Mill.

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When asked about Meek, Wendy was sure to set the record straight saying that she was simply whispering into his ears and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek. Meek, according to the talk show host, performed at her son’s ‘Black Mitzvah.’ “I’m not feeling for Meek Mill and he’s not feeling for me.”

We are happy to see Wendy being able to discuss her personal issues with as much ease as she discusses everyone else’s.