Ciara And Russell Wilson Gain Ownership of Seattle Sounders.

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By Kwin Paul

The Seattle Sounders Franchise has recently announced 11 families that  will be joining their ownership group and one of our all time favourite families, is on that list. Russell Wilson and his wife, Ciara Wilson now have ownership in the Major League Soccer Club.📸 Russel Wilson Instagram

Along with the Wilsons, Hip Hop artist Macklemore and his wife are also now owners.

📸 Russel Wilson Instagram

Wilson, according to our sources, has been attempting to get into sports ownership for some time. He was previously a partner in an effort to build a new basketball arena in Seattle and has also been part of the project in Portland, Oregon, to build a baseball stadium in the hopes of encouraging an MLB team to come to the city.

“Seattle means so much to me and Ciara,” Wilson said in a news release. “We’re fired up about being part of the Sounders for a long, long time, having ownership in the Sounders and continuing to build that winning culture.
Russell Wilson broke the news via his Instagram account where he let us know how excited he was about the move.

Ciara is also quite excited as she said, “This is not only a special moment for Russ and I, but for our kids as well. When we walked into the building and our kids were running around with their names on their little jerseys, it meant a lot for so many reasons. It’s an honor to join the Sounders team and have the unique opportunity to represent female ownership within major league sports. The team has already done some amazing things, but I believe the best is ahead and we’re excited to be part of that.”
Russell has expressed that since getting to Seattle in 2012, the place has felt like home. Soccer, in his opinion is a transformational sport as it changes so many lives and he’s excited to bring people together.

Being a family man, it is no surprise that one of his main goals is to bring people from all different countries, all different worlds, all different socio-economic statuses, all different races, all different troubles in life
, together.📸 Ciara Instagram

Cici and Russ continue to be an exemplary couple and they keep ‘leveling up.’

This is a big deal and we are so happy for the couple. Congratulations to you both, on your newest acquisition.