Comedian Terrence Williams Fearful For His Life

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By Basia Powell

You may recall, comedian Terrence Williams sent out a tweet implicating the Clintons in the death of Jeffrey Epstein, and the tweet was retweeted by President Donald Trump. Well, the black conservative comedian is now claiming that he is receiving death threats, and is fearful for his life. He said,

“If anything happens to me y’all, just somebody on the left did it.” I just want to let you all know, I am not suicidal, I have not been having suicidal thoughts..”

📷 Terrence Williams Instagram

Terrence took to Twitter to let us know that the people on the left are coming after him. He informed his followers that he is not suicidal and should anything happen to him, it would not be due to suicide.

He went on to say that Facebook is also “coming for him” by trying to fact check his page. He said Facebook is telling his followers that his page is “Fake news”. He clarified that he is a comedian and comedians cannot be fact checked for jokes. He says,

“How can you fact check a joke…What about free speech?”

Williams is a long standing Trump supporter who does not hold back the fact that he is a “Trumpet”, aka a strong supporter of the President. He took to Twitter to plead with the President to do something about free speech.

Twitter users on “the left” have been clapping back at Terrence, accusing him of playing victim and even calling him a “dumb ass.”

How about you guys? Do you believe that Terrence is playing victim to become famous on social media?