Will Smith and JayZ Investing In Outdoor Camping App

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By Kwin Paul

Both moguls on their own rights, Will Smith and JayZ are expanding their empire, and building their banks.

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One of our sources have confirmed that Smith, 50 and Sean Carter, (JayZ’s government name), 49, will be investing heavily into an app called ‘Hipcamp.’

📸 Rolling Stone

‘Hipcamp,’ according to it’s creators is the “Airbnb of camping.” Essentially, it allows persons with lovely outdoor spaces, to rent it out to campers.

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You may know that Airbnb has been raking up lots of revenue recently, with an estimated 2.6 billion in 2018. While still different from ‘Hitcamp,’ the concept is the same and it seems that the outdoor camping idea is being well received as it has already earned 25 million from fundraising.
Hova is investing through his Marcy Venture Partners, and Smith’s going through his Dreamers VC fund.

Apart from their very successful careers, Jay and Will have both been branching out, together with their wives, to create multiple streams of income. It seems like they are out to dominate and we are here for it!

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