Lori Loughlin Thought She Was “Making A Donation.”

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By Kwin Paul

Actress Lori Loughlin has been keeping herself in her own mental prison since her indictment on the College Admissions Scandal. We are told however, that she thought the money paid, was a donation for a library or athletic field.

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A source closely connected to the 55 year old ‘Full House’ actress has said that Lori regrets giving the money but genuinely thought that it was simply a donation.

The mastermind behind the scandal, Rick Singer, allegedly did not inform Lori that he was going to lie about her daughters being a part of sporting crews.

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The unnamed source has also said that this is the reason behind Lori’s non guilty plea. She believes the allegations against her arenโ€™t true. Allegedly, she honestly didnโ€™t think what she was doing was any different than donating money for a library or athletic field.

Lori continues to feel embarrassed and she knows that her reputation has been ruined for life.
Loughlin and her husband are facing 40 years in prison for spending $500,000 on bribes to get Olivia Jade and her sister Bella into USC.

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The actress is the most high profile defendant in the scheme to have pleaded not guilty, and is due to return to court in Boston in October.