Meghan Markle’s Surprise Photoshoot

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By Basia Powell

It has not been an easy week in the media for Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex received severe backlash from the press for using a private jet as their preferred mode of transportation for their family vacation. Despite the attacks, which many believe are racially motivated, the Duchess is going about her business as usual.

📷 Sussex Royal Instagram Story

Duchess Meghan was all smiles yesterday as she surprised several women at a photoshoot with Smart Works, in London. She worked an eco friendly light blue shirt from WNU to reinforce her commitment to the environment. Basically Meghan Markle is telling her haters, by her actions,

“You need to calm down.” – Taylor Swift

📷 Sussex Royal Instagram Story

She was so excited and loving towards the women. Meghan can be seen giving the ladies hugs as they arrived at the shoot. They were just as astonished as we were to see Meghan at their photoshoot. She has had a difficult week in the media, but she is not letting the haters get her down.


📷 Sussex Royal Instagram Story

Meghan can easily be nicknamed the “Popup Princess “. You never know where she is going to pop up. She is focused and determined to leave her mark on the charities of her choice and we love it. She has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase,

“Black don’t crack.”

She is not letting her haters win. However, these attacks are relentless. Today the Bristish press published photos os Prince William and his family taking a £80 plane ride! What can I say. Meghan is an A-list American celebrity and they take jets. Didn’t Sir Elton John say he paid for the jet! So what’s the issue. Meghan just continue to pop up and keep smiling.