President Trump “I Am The Chosen One”

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By Basia Powell

I guess the recent instability of the economy and all the pressure regarding gun control are having a toll on President Trump. In an impromptu press conference yesterday, the President of The United States, went on a rant saying, “I am the chosen one.” Hmmm…

If you have attended President Trump’s rallies, or you have even seen it on television, you would know that he enjoys being off script. However, his press conference yesterday was different. He seemed disoriented and let’s just say, this was difficult to witness because the President ranted for a very long time. Many Republicans are worried. He told reporters outside the White House,when it comes to China,

“Somebody had to do it,..I am the chosen one.”

And he looked up in the sky.

He then went on to take on the Jews, by retweeting and endorsing the words of Wayne Allyn Root:

He accused the Jews of being disloyal if they voted for Democrats.

Then he attacked Denmark’s (female) Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen with his favorite word, “nasty”. Potus cancelled a planned state visit to Denmark. It is said that the President wants to purchase Greenland , and Denmark’s PM remarked ,

” that is an absurd idea.”

As a result, 45 launched an attack on Denmark’s Prime Minister.

Many political pundits believe that it appears that the looming recession is taking its toll on Trump.