Sela Vave Moves In With Jamie Foxx

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By Kwin Paul

Jamie Foxx and aspiring songstress Sela Vave seem to have a good thing going as sources have confirmed that she has moved in to his Thousand Oaks, California mansion.

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Rumors of the pair being an item first arose over the weekend, when they were pictured holding hands leaving a night club. To our surprise, Vave posted a picture to her Instagram account back in June, of the two where they seemed quite cozy. JamieFoxx, however, claims that it is simply a business arrangement.

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After word got out that she moved in, Foxx posted a video to his Instagram account where he defended the decision to have her move in. The video is also reposted on Vave’s main feed.

“When I met Ed Sheeran, I didn’t know him from Adam,” Foxx said. “He slept on my couch for six weeks. Nick Cannon was 13 years old, he used to sleep at my old house … everybody come to my crib.”

Foxx says of Vave, “I did the same thing with her … We took her under our wing … We wanted to treat her the same way and give her the opportunity.” He called speculation about a romance with Vave a “double standard.”

“I spoke to that girl’s mom and she put her trust in me,” Foxx went on.

“We don’t ever cross lines like that, personal. I wanted to let you know, for all who were scandal chasing, that’s our artist, that’s our family … We are working.”

Foxx even made reference to Vave’s age saying that she is as young as his daughter Corrine, 25. We are still uncertain of Vave’s age though, as some sources have her listed as 21 while other have said 19.

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What we do know is that Jamie is now a single man since him and girlfriend of 6 years, Katie Holmes broke up after the pictures of Foxx and Vave holding hands surfaced.

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We hope that the story doesn’t change further down the road. There have been too many stories of musical mentors allegedly overstepping boundaries with aspiring artistes.