Democratic Candiate Seth Moulton Drops Out of Presidential Race

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By Kwin Paul

The third round of Democratic debates is around the corner and as we anticipated, the pool of democratic candidates is decreasing as time nears. Seth Moulton will announce, that he has reached the end of his presidential hopeful road.

📸 Seth Moulton Instagram

In an advance copy of his planned remarks to the Democratic National Committee, the congressman from Massachusetts says that he will continue to fight for Democrats, and will lobby for whoever wins the nomination.

“I will continue to fight for a new generation of leadership in our party and our country,” Moulton will say. “And most of all, I will be campaigning my ass off for whoever wins our nomination in 2020.”

📸 Seth Moulton Instagram

The past eight days have seen three candidates dropping out of the race. Moulton, the third dropout, follows Washington Gov. Jay Inslee, who will seek a third term, and former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who has decided to run for the Senate.

Party insiders expect the field to be cut even more in the coming weeks as poor polling and barren campaign treasuries force more candidates to assess their reasons for continuing to run.
The Massachusetts Democrat, an Iraq War veteran, will simultaneously announce his intention to seek a fourth House term.

He plans on raising awareness that will end the stigma towards the mental health needs of veterans.

“For the first time in my life, I talked publicly about dealing with post-traumatic stress from my four combat tours in Iraq,” he is expected to say. “And our team put forward a plan that will end the stigma around mental health — the same stigma that kept me silent for so long, and that kept every presidential candidate before me from talking about mental health struggles themselves.”

Let’s see which candidates make it to end!