Ruth Bader Ginsburg Treated For Cancer, Again

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By Kwin Paul

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of America, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is showing us how tough she really is as she has been treated for cancer, again.

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The lawyer, who was appointed by President Clinton and took her oath in August 1993, is the second female justice of four ladies to ever hold to esteemed position.

We have learned that she began and completed a three-week course of stereotactic ablative radiation therapy. The focused radiation treatment began on August 5 and was administered on an outpatient basis to treat a tumor on her pancreas.

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Since there was no evidence of the cancer anywhere else in the body, the tumor was treated definitively.

According to the Supreme Court’s statement, the abnormality was first detected after a routine blood test in early July, and a biopsy performed on July 31 confirmed a localized malignant tumor. They said as part of the treatment, a bile duct stent was placed.

You’ll know that this is the fourth time that she has fought and beaten cancer. She had also been treated for early stages of pancreatic cancer in 2009 but most recently she she underwent a pulmonary labectomy to remove 2 nodules from her lung. Doctors removed all of the cancer.

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Additionally, the 86 year old underwent surgery to successfully treat colon cancer in 1999. She underwent a heart procedure in 2014 to have a stent placed in her right coronary artery.

Ruth is one tough cookie, in and out the courtroom.