British Magazine Crowned Meghan Markle “Top Social Climber”

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By Basia Powell

The British media’s attack continues on the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. By now you know that the Duchess was in New York this weekend, supporting her close friend Serena Williams at the US Open female tennis finals.

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Meanwhile, she was given a new title by society magazine, Tatler’s October issue. They gave Markle the number one spot , “Britain’s Top social climber” they went on to say,

‘ she has reached the pinnacle of greasy pole’


The went on to say,

“The Ralph and Russoclad beacon of change has found a role that suits her to perfection: A tungsten toughie to drag the Royal Family into the 21st century.”

They did recognize that she is “not quite a rags-to-riches” story as she went to private school etc. However, we must also recognize “Brits” that she was a successful and rich actress by the time she “seduced” your prince.

It is extraordinary to watch the British media attempt to destroy this “Black Duchess” . One would think that a “self made” hard working woman would be rewarded for being just that. Instead, she is is ridiculed and accused of “social climbing”.

Unfortunately, British journalists Piers Morgan was the first one to attach this label to Meghan, after she shared a few drinks with him in the early days, and perhaps never enjoyed his company. Since then, he has been attacking her character. He claims that she used him to get into, and past his social circle.

Within recent times Piers and others in the British media have ripped Meghan Markle apart for her lavish private jet trips. They have questioned her and her husband’s commitment to the environment and climate change. Her every move is being questioned. She can’t seem to get it right. Now she is crowned “Britain’s Top Social Climber.”

It seems like Meghan Markle excels at whatever she does. She holds the number one spot for social climbing, something that is done by everybody who is trying to be somebody. Many young women would have loved to marry Prince Harry. The problem is, he did not want to marry those women. He chose Meghan, and married her. So why are you mad? Don’t blame the Duchess, blame the Duke.